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Our award-winning Huckleberry Service Department will take care of your bike with the attention to detail it deserves.

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Service and Repair Estimate – $0(free)

We’ll always put your bike in the repair stand, give it a thorough inspection and let you know what it needs. Quickly, honestly, and for free.

Check over – $35

The quick service that will quiet your bike and ensure a safe and smooth ride.

  • tire pressure check
  • chain lube
  • cable tensioning
  • safety check

Pro Tune – $95

The love that your bike should receive 1 to 4 times per year.

  • brake alignment
  • shifting alignment
  • wheel truing
  • bearing inspection and adjustment
  • chain cleaning and lube
  • frame inspection
  • bolt inspection
  • tire inspection
  • wipe down

Full Overhaul – $350

A well ridden bike reborn. The Pros get this treatment done after every race. Us humans need it every other year.

  • strip down to bare frame
  • all components cleaned in bio-solvent tank
  • all pivots, bearings, and moving parts re-lubed
  • frame cleaning
  • precision reassembly
  • new cables installed
  • any other new parts installed (chain, brake pads, bar tape or grips, etc.)
  • Pro Tune
  • follow-up adjustments after cable stretch occurs if needed.

For individual repairs view our a la carte menu.


Your bicycle carries you. Let’s give it the attention it deserves so you can ride with confidence.

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